Rina Tham Launch and Book Signing October 11th!!

Rina Tham's Book Signing

Please support her book signing in Malibu on Sep 26, 2015 during the Yoga Gives Back (YGB) 'Thank You Mother India' Global Fundraiser event. Her intention is to promote her memoir to create awareness in our Malaysian communities.  

Her memoir is available now via Amazon.com
. The paperback is priced at $14.95, and the e-book is sold for $4.95.

Rina Tham's motivational memoir has inspired many youths in the world and she plans to donate 100% of her book sales to Yoga Gives Back (YGB)'s fund recipient youths in India on that night. In the near future, Rina will be traveling to India, Bhutan, and The Pacific Rim to promote her memoir.

Should anyone of you have a small and or big special projects for children are welcome to contact Rina directly.

Ticket for the Yoga Gives Back (YGB) 'Thank You Mother India' Global Fundraiser event is $185.00 per person.  
Further information of the launch & tickets is available at http://yogagivesback.org/tymi/malibu
During the event, Mallika Chopra, author of "Living with Intent" will be presented with Yoga Gives Back (YGB)'s first-ever Namaste Award at the Yoga Gives Back (YGB) Malibu Fundraiser for her contribution to various humanitarian causes as well as her dedication to share meditation, yoga tradition, and self awakening and how to make this planet a better place.
And her book launch will be on Oct 11th, 2015; Sunday from 15:00 - 17:00 hours : Open house at Froggy's Fish Market, 1105 N Topanga, CA 90290. 

Stay tune on her FACEBOOK for further detail soon.
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